Preschools for the Developmentally Delayed

Petachya’s preschools for developmentally delayed children provide a remedial educational and therapeutic framework for children with developmental delays, Down’s syndrome and other disabilities. Classes are small, limited to 8 students each, and the high staff-to-student ratio ensures individual attention is given to each child throughout the day’s activities.

The special-needs preschools are designed and outfitted to the highest standards, making for a welcoming and stimulating learning environment. Each kindergarten has auxiliary rooms for individualized therapy sessions, with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest in diagnostic tools. Children benefit from a therapy-focused curriculum and an array of supplemental paramedical treatments with a speech therapist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist.

The preschools offer a long school day till 14:30, following which children transition to Petachya’s on-site aftercare program till 18:00.

Petachya’s kindergarten staff works hand in hand with the supervision and guidance staff of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Welfare, consistently meeting their pedagogical and professional criteria and earning their trust and esteem.


Exclusive to Petachya – inclusion programs

Children at Petachya’s preschools benefit from an optimal inclusion program, made possible thanks to Petachya’s sister organization – the Beit Yaakov network of early childhood educational institutions. To ensure the smooth integration of the special education children in the typically developing classes, Petachya invests many resources in selecting the right facilities with adjoining classrooms.

Each child has a personalized integration program, in accordance with his or her individualized educational program (IEP). An optimal time is designated during which the child will benefit most from joining the typically developing children in their classroom – for example, during arts ‘n crafts or perhaps during lunch. Holiday parties, Shabbat parties and birthday parties are celebrated together, boosting the children’s confidence.

As part of educating the next generation in our core values of loving your neighbor, generosity of spirit and acceptance of others, Petachya has developed a reverse inclusion program, where the typically developing kindergarten integrates into the special-needs kindergarten. The program teaches the children that everyone has what to contribute and that by giving we actually gain from the process.

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