Mainstreaming Classes

Petachya’s mainstreaming classes are geared toward children in pre-1A with communication disorder, whose assessments have determined that they can manage in a regular class with supplemental therapy.

Most of the school day is spent among their peers in the typical class, with some of the time being spent in the smaller group where they benefit from one-on-one work with special-ed teachers. The main focus in the mainstreaming classes is on language and comprehension skills, learning skills, pre-literacy skills and school readiness in preparation for first grade. The school psychologist also provides psychological support for the children, as well as guidance for parents and referral to other care providers, if necessary.

The mainstreaming classes are designed to the highest standards and are fully equipped to create an engaging and stimulating learning environment. Petachya’s staff works closely with the Ministry of Education’s supervisory and training staff and consistently meets the Ministry’s pedagogical and professional criteria, earning its trust and esteem.

The Goal

To enable the child with communication disorders to integrate into the mainstream educational system in first grade. We work to narrow the gaps between children with language issues and their peers, by improving their language capabilities and performance, honing their social skills and boosting their confidence.

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