*Integration of Petachya children in Beit Yaakov kindergarten

Israel’s largest network of early childhood
special education centers

"The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members." (Gandhi)

Petachya’s Story

The Who

As a young child, Yisrael Goldknopf saw firsthand the shortcomings of the educational system in dealing with special-needs children, and the potential harm caused by ill-trained staff. Deeply moved by what he had witnessed, Goldknopf set out to create a place where every child can grow. That’s how Petachya was born.

The Why

Petachya, from the Hebrew root meaning “to open,” sees itself as opening doors to new possibilities. We believe special-needs children deserve equal opportunity to grow and learn in a supportive, loving environment that brings out the best in them and empowers them to be independent, integrated and contributing members of society.

The How

Through our network of rehabilitative day centers, special-needs preschools, aftercare programs, child development clinics, and therapy and support programs, Petachya’s dedicated staff of over 500 early childhood special-ed professionals provide educational and therapeutic frameworks that ensure every child has the tools to thrive.

Petachya in numbers


Rehabilitative daycare centers


Language-oriented preschools


Preschools for developmentally delayed children


Child development clinics


Expert staff members


Treatments provided monthly at Petachya’s clinics

And growing all the time!