What parents are saying

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you – for thinking not only of our children but of the parents. You empowered the mother within us, and gave us strength to carry on with the daily struggles of raising a special-needs child.

~Rivka L.


Knowing my daughter’s in good hands enables me to be the best mother that I can.

~Mina Schlossberg


Raising a special-needs child is like a train ride, with many different professionals joining you for the ride at various stages of the child’s development. But Petachya is a constant in our lives, ensuring the train ride isn’t a rollercoaster but is as comfortable and beautiful as it can be.

~Efrat Khalfon


The event you recently hosted for families of special-needs children was incredible! The parents were so moved, seeing how proud their typically developing children felt to have such a sibling. It was priceless. Thank you for enabling our whole family to feel empowered.



When Avi was born, people said he was a “special soul,” and other such platitudes that didn’t really help. They said, surely such a special soul would have angels looking after him from above. I never felt that way. I didn’t see him as any more “special” than my other children, and didn’t feel any angels from heaven in my life.

Only when I came to Petachya did I see those malachim, who so dedicatedly look after my child, first in the rehabilitative day-care centers and then in preschool. Having Petachya in our lives for several years now, I can tell you that every staff member is truly an angel from heaven. Thank you for your empire of angels which supports and encourages and is always here for us.