Child Development Clinics

Sometimes children need just a bit of help; sometimes they need a lot. One thing’s certain: they need the right kind of help, and a particular therapy’s long-term success is often contingent on early intervention.

For this reason Petachya established its first child development clinic in 2004, together with Dr. Benny Glick, Director of the Pediatric Neurology and Development Division at Meuhedet Health Services, Jerusalem Region. Petachya now operates five clinics, one in Geula in the City Center, second in Ramot, one in Shamgar st. and one in Yam Suf st. at Shtiley-Aryeh, Jerusalem, and the fifth is in Ashdod, with plans in the pipeline to establish more around the country. These clinics are recognized and supervised by the Ministry of Health and work in collaboration with the HMOs (kupot), providing over 2000 treatments and therapy sessions monthly.

Petachya’s child development clinics are staffed with expert therapists and paramedical professionals, offering children aged 0-9 all the therapies they may need, from speech, occupational or physical therapy to art and music therapy, as well as clinical social work services. Children are eligible for therapy either following assessments through the HMOs or assessments carried out by Petachya. Children with special needs are eligible for therapies from 0-18. The child-friendly clinics are conveniently located and easily accessible, and services have minimal waiting periods. The clinics are outfitted with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapy equipment, an array of games, and a fully stocked library with books on relevant topics for the benefit of the staff and parents.

In addition to the various aforementioned therapies, Petachya’s child development clinics run Cognitive-Functional Intervention (Cog-Fun) groups for children with ADHD and their parents, giving children the requisite social and behavioral skills, as well as school readiness classes and language enrichment groups.